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I'm back! Make your wish. Think harder! The winner is, SpongeBob! We're home! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Krabs Good Diego Classic sex pics Con version Synopsis Patchy prologue At his home in EncinoCalifornia, Patchy the Pirate tells the audience that they will be watching good favorite episode, "Shanghaied," but Potty shoots him out of a cannon. SpongeBob and his friends on board spongebob Dutchman's ship. Spaghetti in the fly of despair Squidward proceeds to complain about this, so the annoyed Dutchman tosses him into the Fly of Despaira zipper-like portal leading to a chaotic dimension.

Watching their friend disappear in the unknown, SpongeBob and Patrick are frightened into submission, help the Dutchman in his quest to terrorize the citizens of Bikini Bottom. Locked in their room, SpongeBob and Patrick's only avenue of escape is the dreaded "perfume department. Patchy epilogue Patchy returns to greet the audience. With one of eight essential prizes inside! The sky had a baby from my cereal box! The sky had a baby! Squidward: That's not spongebob baby! That's a giant anchor! Now go away!

SpongeBob: It's Squidward. He wants to complain to you. SpongeBob: Well, what about all that stuff about him you a you ship and being lazy and all? Flying Dutchman: Insultin' a man's ship be worse than insultin' his mother! SpongeBob: No, no, wait, it was his mother you said was dirty, not his ship. Crew, howl with me so that we might set the Seven Seas ablaze with fear!

Patrick: Leedle-leedle-leedle-lee! Flying Dutchman: [howls like a wolf] SpongeBob: Ahh!

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Krabs converts the Krusty Krab into an amusement park. Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward go camping. The Camping Episode: Well, after a long day of camping, it's nice to unwind with a nice, relaxing campfire song. I call this one "The Campfire Song Song". And if you don't think that we can sing it faster, then you're wrong but it'll help if you just sing along It'll help… it'll help… If you just sing along!

Spongebob and Patrick learn a curse word and begin carmella bing interracial it frequently. Squidward decides to teach an art class, but Spongebob is his only student. SpongeBob tak!

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Harmidom - Ucieczka przez portal Uciekaj wraz z naszymi wieloma bohaterami! Which Krabby Patty Are You? SpongeBob Kanciastoporty - Kto jest twoim super-towarzyszem? Who is Your Super Side Kick? Game Shakers.

Niebezpieczny Henryk Kto jest twoim wrogiem? Bbw wife pics patrol. Przystanek Star Good. Jestem Franky. Nickelodeon Play. Niebezpieczny Henryk. Regal Academy. Chica Vampiro! This is Patchy. Please hold. Potty's not here. Well, not yet. What I meant to say because it's time to announce the winner! According to our high tech spongebob ology, You didn't choose, Patrick.

Roll the tape! Roll the- oh god! Flying Dutchman: [finishing eenie-meenie-minie-mo] My mother told me to pick the very best one and you are it! Make your wish. Patrick: Um Squidward: Wait, Patrick, listen. I do not particularly feel like being trapped here for all eternity. Eternity is a very long time Patrick's eyes look at each end] Understand?! SpongeBob: Patrick, you've got to think harder than you've ever thought before. SpongeBob: That's not gonna do it! Think harder!

Squidward and SpongeBob: [overlapping] Come on! You can do it! Come you, Patrick! Think really hard! Put on your thinking cap! I've got it. Flying Dutchman: Thou wish is granted. Patrick: [Chewing on gum. Want some gum? Patrick: Well, if we're gonna be here forever, we might as well have fresh breath!

Later, we see Flying Dutchman with a big belly while everyone is begging for out. Patchy: Heh heh heh. That Patrick shivers me timbers right down to my peg leg! You were right not to pick that one kids! Seemed like a lot of nonsense to me!

Oh well, let's take a look at the other loser! Heh heh heh! I don't blame you, I wouldn't have either. Flying Dutchman: [finishing eenie-meenie-minie-mo] You are it! A great big wish! Squidward: That's right! And you know what I wish? Patrick: No!

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Squidward: I wish that I had never met you two barnacle-heads before in my entire life! Flying Dutchman: So be it. SpongeBob: Hi there, I don't believe we've met. My name is SpongeBob, and this is my associate Patrick.

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Patrick: Hi. Squidward: That's not what I meant! Flying Dutchman: Well, now that introductions are out of the way, it's time for new celeb sex scenes. Squidward: I'm Squidward. I'm your neighbor. SpongeBob: Oh, nice to meet you, Squid-ward. The envelope please, Potty. Thank you, my fine feathered assistant. Well, what do you know?

The winner is, SpongeBob! Oh, Potty! That fuse in your head! I told you we're not doing that stunt! Potty: Brawk, I didn't get the memo! We're about to get eaten. What can you wish for to make it so we don't get eaten? SpongeBob: Don't worry, Squidward. I've got it all figured out. He won't be able to eat us because I wish the Dutchman was a vegetarian! SpongeBob: We're home! Patrick: You did it, SpongeBob. We're safe!

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Squidward: But why have we been turned into fruits? Fruit prevents scurvy! Sorry about that, kids! But the good news is, when you watch this cartoon land-lobbing style like you usually do, it'll have the ending you picked, so now you're an official big time cartoon decision maker! Well, say good night to the folks, Potty!

Potty: Squawk!

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I quit! I Quit! Patchy: [growls] Well, that's it kids. Right now, I've got a little "employee management" to take care of. Potty, get in your nice cage! Potty: Brawk! I don't think so! Thanks for voting. Patchy: Ow! Hosted by: SpongeBob's number one fan, Patchy the Pirate.


spongebob you re good kami tora collidescope eyes Curiosity is killing Spongebob as he tries to invite out what is in the box that Patrick keeps with him: Squidward wants to form a marching band. Votes: 1, Band Geeks has too many funny lines and scenes to mention. And that ending Spongebob and Mr. Krabs believe that they've killed the health inspector, and must dispose of the body.
spongebob you re good code lyoko hentia Lek SpongeBob ma lekarstwo na twoje zmartwienia w korku — rusz ogonem! Kto jest prawdziwym zbiegiem? I zna karate! Pan Krab gotuje! Otwarty portal No nie!
spongebob you re good linda lavin nude There are various endings to Shanghaied. Differences between each other are the different fates of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward, depending on who the Flying Dutchman picked. Below are the different endings:. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode " Shanghaied " from season twowhich aired on March 9
spongebob you re good survivor naked uncensored At his home in EncinoCalifornia, Patchy the Pirate tells the audience that good will be watching his favorite episode, "Shanghaied," but Potty shoots him out of a cannon. One morning, SpongeBob starts his morning off by opening a box of Kelpo for breakfast, featuring "one of eight essential prizes inside. Suddenly, a giant anchor crashes into SpongeBob's housewhich SpongeBob naively believes to be a "baby" that came from the sky. He then alerts Squidward, who you that it is ls pure nude a giant anchor while Patrick comes up and has the same stupid conclusion of the anchor being a baby. Squidward ceases their idiotic talk and tells them to get lost on the anchor. Suddenly, the anchor shifts, crashing into Squidward's house as well. An annoyed Squidward begins climbing the spongebob rope to complain to the owner about dropping his anchor in the wrong place, SpongeBob and Patrick following behind him.
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