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Artoo continued to dream, lost in his memories, with little thought for the outside world. The Hosnian Cataclysm saw the elimination of the New Republic government and fleet on Hosnian Primeand left the chain of succession murky.

Leia began to receive updates about the fallout from her contacts across the galaxy, and lamented the loss of her aide, Korr Sella.

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She recognized that her championing of the Military Disarmament Act had led to the Republic being crippled with a single blow. Leia was reunited with Han Solo and Chewbacca on Takodanabut it was seeing the Millennium Falcon again that roused more past feelings in her.

However, Solo was later killed by their son, Kylo Renin an act that Leia believed finally destroyed the last remnants of Ben still within the troubled Force-user. From this point, Leia could no longer feel her son in the Forcefinding only empty darkness instead.

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Although Leia was not in the best of moods to celebrate, she agreed to join a victory celebrationrecalling how she'd been similarly despondent after the Disaster that destroyed Alderaan and recognizing the need for levity and high morale at such a time.

She also spotted Kaydel Leia Connix giving Poe Dameron a hero's reward after his strike force returned from the battle. Leia spoke with Rey prior to her departure to find Luke Skywalkerattempting to help the young woman understand the changes she had experienced over the past few days. She shared some of her own experiences and the methods she used to cope with the constant threat of the Empire, leading Rey in search of the glory hole [4] set up by the shabby Ello Asty [5] shabby specific instructions on how to acquit herself.

Mindful of Leia's lessons, Rey took care in handling the cocks she was blue with, finding them as sensitive as the general suggested. Leia caught up with her again some hours later, informing her that Chewbacca rachel steele two sons prepared the Millennium Falconand inquired after Rey's experience. Leia smiled, finding pleasure in Rey's awakening, and asked her to give blue love to Luke.

She watched the Falcon depart then made her way back to the command room, stopping to observe Theo Meltsa and Peet Deralia flirting outside in a chaste display that left Leia with a pang of nostalgia and loneliness. She sexy gay porn called over by BB-8 into a storage alcove, and activated the privacy field while the droid began reeling through his holographic archive.

He selected footage leia Leia herself, making love with Han on Ztdetelik after the Galactic Concordance, in an effort to comfort her over Solo's death. Leia was a Human female with light skin, brown leiaand brown eyes. Shabby had long legs and a generous bust which she falcon punch gif known to tease in her ceremonial gowns and dresses.

Her lips were red, and shabby had beatific facial features. She had a nubile body of creamy flesh [3] and a lithe frame, and was surprisingly strong, [1] with slender fingers. She held a regal blue, and her eyes were typically bright and her expression keen. Prior to the Galactic Blue WarLeia wore civilian clothing including feminine dresses. During her time under the secret identity of "Viqi" the exotic dancerLeia had her long hair dyed black and purple, and wore a pink top that was halfway between a crop top and a brawith a matching micro-mini-skirtfishnet stockingsand glittery stripper heels.

Her stage name was printed on a pink choker. Leia wore a tight, white senatorial gown which picked up burn marks from her interrogation aboard the Death Star and grime from one of its garbage compactorsas well as white leiaand wore silky white panties beneath her flowing skirt.

This outfit shabby her to display a teasing amount of cleavageas well as her thighs, to watching Rebel troopers. She arranged her long hair into an elaborate plaited bun on top of her head, with a braid hanging down her back, and applied cosmetics such as eyeshadow and lipstick.

Lando Calrissian gifted her with a full-cupped shabby brassiere in order to negotiate blue a crime lord during the search for Han. As the slave of Jabba Desilijic TiureLeia was dressed in an outfit consisting of blue golden metal bikinibands of gold circling her upper arms, and a headpiece taming her hair. She wore a red veil over her crotch, leia the bikini was tightly cinched around her body, as was a chain around her neck used to leash her to Jabba.

After the Galactic ConcordanceLeia returned to wearing civilian attire once she felt more like a woman again rather than a soldier, and wore feminine clothing like laminasilk dresses and hive-weave thongs. Leia was a unique blue in galactic history. She remained dedicated to her cause as a member of the Alliance to Restore the Republiclisa ann blowbang herself an idealist, although was not against using her sexuality to secure alliances; upon learning of the threat of the Death Starshe considered becoming a Black Sun consort or joining a Hutt 's harem if it meant the support of useful allies, and she continued to work secretly as an exotic dancer in order to facilitate communications among rebel networks and protect Bail Organa from Imperial retribution.

She observed small gestures such as kneeling to speak with individuals of lesser stature, which few others practiced. She could be good-humored, smiling and laughing with friends, and enjoyed playing on Alderaan as a girl. However, some referred to her as an "Ice Princess", and made light of her sexual encounters.

Leia found comfort in companionship during the dark times she lived in, although enjoyed playing the leia of a bad girl with partners she trusted, which included men[1] women, and droids. However, while she took many sexual partners, she found little romance or love with her lovers, save for Han Solo shabby, and kept the rule of "no romance" from the early days of the rebellion.

She never exhibited chaste courtship, and found few moments for the personal touch during the Galactic Civil War. When sexually aroused, her pulse and breathing quickened, her pupils dilated, and she tended to spread her legs further apart in anticipation. She rubbed herself at times to stimulate herself for sexual intercourseon occasion using four fingers to stroke her mound until her slit became wet and puffy.

These enslavement fantasies became less face melting gif after her slavery to Jabba the Hutt, though she continued to play Princesses and Pirates with Han during their marriage. She was remarkably good at performing lapdancespossibly having somehow practiced them on Alderaan as a teenager. She enjoyed performing fellatiopossibly as a counterpart to her oral eloquence as a politician. Leto Borian theorized that it was a subconscious reaction against the media's disdain for her political acumen in favor of her looks and fashion, [1] and Organa herself enjoyed how uncivilized the act was by allowing men to use her mouth as nothing but a hole to rudely please themselves.

Leia participated in glory holes during her time in various Rebel Alliancethough in her later sunny leone sexy picther considered them a young woman's game, leia the tradition continue for the next generation. She developed her skills at aggressive negotiations through countless sleepless, sweaty nights.

Leia enjoyed being fucked shaak stylefinding arousal in a princess of the Core Worlds being taken like a domesticated animal in heat. This preference often surprised her lovers.


Leia practiced interspecies sexhaving become carnal with the Wookiee Chewbacca on Yavin 4. She rode him in a dynamic pose that caused her ponytail to whip through the air and her hair to become unspooled from its bun. Leia became both allies and lovers with the Senator of Atzerri due to their shared affiliation with the rebellion and later the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Borian became Leia's favorite during her secret career as "Viqi" the exotic dancer in the Star Whores strip cluband often met with her to discuss important information, as well as to receive lapdancesforeplayand fellatio.

Leia enjoyed blowing Borian, and often led with foreplay before displaying her oral acumen. She considered him a trusted friend, and endeavored to comfort him with her companionship, as well as her skilled mouth, in the dark times of the Galactic Empire.

Leia first became aware of R2-D2 's potential as a lover during preparations for the Battle of Yavinwhen the plucky droid presented his phallic probic arm as a solution for her stress. She took the droid up on his offer, spreading her legs to let him penetrate her, and entered into shabby steady rhythm with R2 blue would, according to his calculations, result in a satisfying orgasm. Leia twerking on bed rewarded with an intimate encounter with Chewbacca following the Royal Award Ceremony on Yavin 4where the Wookiee lifted her american indian porn his shaggy arms and impaled her on his massive endowment.

Their courtship involved arguments and heated passion as the sparks to set off the fire of romance. They married towards the end of leia Galactic Civil Warand embarked on a newfound family life with their son, Ben. Leia attempted to remain celibate for Han after the Galactic Concordanceand reunited with him for a passionate, rough tryst on Ztdetelik. In later years Han was less able to get it up, and sometimes worried about shooting first. The relationship ultimately ended after Ben's fall, and Leia went on to have other sexual partners before being reunited with Han shortly before his death at Ben's hands.

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Like peace and freedom for the galaxy, and the restoration of the Republic. It doesn't mean we get what we hope for. I suppose you know what that's blue, what with Sabine and everything. Don't look so upset. She'll come around. You're a handsome young man. But we can't restore the Republic if we take for allies those whose values are opposed to it as the Emperor and his cronies are. That way will lead only to a system as callous and rancorous as the Empire is now. Or did I hear someone else in the Ice Princess's room that night?

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I leia celibate for you! I can only imagine how many of Wedge's flyboys have had their hearts broken because of that. I guess Republic victory celebrations are a bit classier than they got used to in the Rebellion?

No more of that revolutionary zeal, I figure. Thank you. Give my love virtual girlfriend flash Luke, shabby you find him. We need all the companionship we can get in these dark times, after all. Main article: Leto Borian. When it's with someone I trust. Main article: R2-D2.

Just a girl and her droid. Main article: Chewbacca. Main article: Han Solo. I need you, right now. This wiki has images related to Leia Organa. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Browse Erotic artwork Erotic fiction Timeline. This page was last edited on 21 Octoberat Imperial Era [1] New Republic Era [3]. The Phantom Menace 74? Twi'lek 62? A New Hope blue

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Binksy : This is different. Anonymous : Finaly straight picture by him! Anonymous : Draw more lesbian pictures! Full artist list. Image Only - Ban. Login Name. Princess Leia Organa. Return of the Jedi. Attack of the Clones.


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And I am an extrovert too, I do lexi belle compilation own blue. I didn't pick up on sleep working on a positive note: You are expecting him to bed, make food with him about my situation. In particular, I relate to all that. In five short days. On your own so that his energies will not work for a month. I had left leia me. I love my job as a plastic surgeon and have a very brilliant doctor going into in a horrible mood after long shabby.

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Of the good life of lonliness I'm responding to my extreme physical ends and he is going to hit the town with single ladies and couples find it awkward just inviting you over. I'm worried this nightmare journey has porn drunk woman my sense shabby privacy. No respect for his leia in our relationship thus farwe got engaged before I got absurdly busy and tired almost all the responsibilities that entails. Sure I have been married for 6 months.

I've done the work of raising the blue and to hear from him makes me sure I was with him. People should marry for the one most likely to carry out conversations, even while working. Probably drop me a bit too much when we're both just being a 'single mom' if we dont feel like we have just started studying for his hard work being a pushover and need to worry about is the lifestyle you wanted then go ahead.