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Taylor Swift is also not out here to search for a male companion to take her home, and she had the best response when told that she was attractive enough to take home any man she wanted. Can we live?! That is way too personal, and this interviewer needs to check himself. Mad snaps to Lauren for letting him know she's all about climbing that corporate ladder.

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Anne Hathaway wasn't about to let a question about getting fit slip by and poked fun at this reporter. Scarlett Johansson faced a similar problem, and she also went the mocking route.

Her response to the rather sexist question was absolutely epic, and she handled it like a pro. Watch live: Trump impeachment moves to House floor. More Entertainment News.

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Most Popular. Some actresses have become known for shutting down the kind of invasive, inappropriate questions reporters often throw at actresses but spare their male costars.

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During a press interview for The Avengers in May ofScarlett Johansson pointed out how creepy it was for the interviewer to ask whether she wore underwear under her Black Widow suit. The lesson was obviously not learned. Two months later, the same interviewer was asking incredibly gendered questions to Anne Hathaway.

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Like Johansson, she let the guy know he could be questioning the then Oscar nominated actress in a more interesting, less uncomfortable way. On the Oscar's red carpet, a Buzzfeed reporter decided to flip the script and direct the diet and fashion questions normally reserved for actresses at Kevin Spacey.

He obviously understood what his interviewer was trying to do, but the difference was jarring, with Spacey asking her "Were you smoking before you came here?


scarlett johansson underwear rule 34 zombieland Skip navigation! Story from Movies. Molly Horan. A-list actresses have an enormous amount of power. They can demand a certain candy is in their dressing room and trigger a nationwide fad just by wearing a certain accessory in public.
scarlett johansson underwear alazai model These include, "Did you lose weight for this role? Well, these leading ladies have started standing up for themselves, and Scarlett Johansson is one of the many women clapping back at these reporters. Sometimes, we're just out here to attend an event without the hidden agenda of attracting a mate. Anne took a jab at this reporter who wanted some details about her exercise regime to get prepared for The Dark Knight Rises. I think reporters need to check themselves and really consider if the question they're about to ask is sexist or not. If they have to wonder, it's probably sexist.
scarlett johansson underwear criss strokes Speaking before Monday's New York premier of the thriller, which stars Johansson and Ewan McGregor as human clones on the run, Bay said scarlett was prepared sexy blonde pussy videos the usual actress nerves when it came to shooting a love scene between the two leads. He said he was summoned to Johansson's trailer, expecting to have to reassure the star of Lost in Translation that her privacy and dignity would be protected. Johansson going naked,'" Bay said. Bay describes The Island -- which carries a PG rating meaning it is suitable for children with parental guidance -- as a summer "popcorn movie," though the plot raises important ethical issues about science and the morality of cloning. The film by the director of Armageddon and The Rock is a change of direction for Underwear who has played a string of critically acclaimed roles in films such as Girl With a Pearl Earring and In Good Company. Breaking News. Emotional photos capture scenes from Houston-area cop's funeral.
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