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The complainant had accused Rakhi Sawant of "hurting the religious sentiments" of the Valmiki community.

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Rakhi Sawant has chosen to defend herself two days after a Punjab police team came to Mumbai to execute the arrest warrant against her. But they returned after failing to find her at the given address. They will now file the matter in court during the case's next hearing on April Rakhi Sawant said when she heard about the case, she went to Bangur Nagar and Oshiwara police station here and asked for a warrant.

However, the police "denied any warrant" against her. However, Rakhi Sawant apologised for hurting the religious sentiments of the Valmiki community.

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I didn't want to hurt anybody's sentiments," Rakhi Sawant added. Rakhi Sawant also claimed that ever since she made a comment drawing a comparison between singer Mika Singh and Valmiki last year, she had funny receiving threats. About The Gallery Bollywood starlet Rakhi Sawant held a press conference in Mumbai to address the media over the controversy surrounding her 'arrest'.

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I will wait for him to afford a house. Rakhi Sawant then said she is happy being single but is ready to do another season of the reality show 'Rakhi ka Swayamwar' to find her lucky man. Rakhi Sawant, who has often courted controversy with her outspoken images, wonders what's the point of sawant in a democracy if one should be scared before speaking. This year, Rakhi Sawant left netizens surprised when she announced her wedding to the world.

The actress, who was mired in controversies and publicity stunts many times before, was not even given the benefit of the doubt when she announced her marriage to a UK-based businessman. Rakhi claims to be married to a man named Ritesh define amature says that he is extremely shy and not media-friendly. However, the news of Rakhi Sawant's marriage seems to be true! Her husband, Ritesh, was quoted by a leading portal about their wedding and called Rakhi "superior" to him and considers her as "God's gift".

While Rakhi was once quoted saying, "I am as fearless as the Rani of Jhansi funny I will fight against all those people rakhi drag me in controversy", her husband says, "Rakhi may be a different person in front of rakhi camera, but she is a wonderful person at heart. Rumour was that Rakhi Sawant is pregnant. Ritesh, however, quashed the pregnancy rumour and affirmed that she will soon be pregnant.

Ritesh images that he became a Rakhi Sawant fan after watching one of her interviews. In an earlier interview with mid-day. I love my husband like God. I don't funny what people think about me," said the year-old.

Never one to shy away from calling a spade a spade, Rakhi Sawant lately had a rather startling opinion on the ongoing MeToo movement in the film industry. Rakhi admitted to being a sawant. But it wasn't as if every producer or director I approached was guilty.

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As in every walk of life, there is sexual corruption in the film industry also. As far as I was concerned, this was just in the beginning. But I had talent and I didn't have to give in. I learnt to say no. And I used my talent as an artiste to make my way through life. I suggest all strugglers to have patience and not surrender to the temptation of shortcuts," she said.

Rakhi Sawant is of the opinion that there is no coercion involved when sexual favours are exchanged. It's all consensual and voluntary. In this, I fully support Sarojji.

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At least she has spoken her mind and let the world know the truth. People in Bollywood don't speak out the truth about the casting couch although it is happening right here in front of their eyes. They feel they are making their way up why should they bother with what's happening around them? I really admire Sarojji for letting the world know the reality that they have to face every day.

Sarojji has seen what goes here. I totally agree with her.

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The shocker from Rakhi Sawant is the revelation on how rampant sexual favours are in the film industry. Aaj kal to ladkiyan kehti hain, Kuch bhi kar lo, mujhe kaam de do'. Iss mein producer ki kya ghalti hai? Girls, these days, are ready to do anything to get work. Why to blame producers for this? Sarojji choreographer Saroj Khan is not wrong.

A lot of girls come in the film industry to become heroines but become something else Call it destiny or what you will. Rakhi Sawant's advice to young aspirants: "Have faith in your talent. Have patience. Don't give in to shortcuts. I've seen so many girls throw themselves at producers. This is not good.

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I don't want to take any names. Lekin aisa hota hai But this happens. It shouldn't be so. Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra are superstars because of their hard work and not for any other reason. The ones who take the shortcut end up on a different track altogether.

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Don't do this to yourself. And don't blame producers for taking what you have to offer. Rakhi wants to stress that it's not just girls who are casualties of sexual compromise, but boys too are equally prone to compromise in the entertainment and fashion industry.

Lekin kya karenge, Mumbai hai hi itni expensive city But what to do, Mumbai, as a city, is very expensive. I don't want to denigrate Bollywood.


rakhi sawant funny images japanese top jav Bollywood starlet Rakhi Sawant held a press conference in Mumbai to address the media over the controversy surrounding her 'arrest'. Here are some funny moments from the event Sign up for all the latest news, top galleries and trending videos from Mid-day. Home Photos Bollywood Photo Galleries bollywood. Rakhi Sawant's 10 funny photos from an event in Mumbai Updated: Apr 10,
rakhi sawant funny images zoella topless Rakhi Sawant, whose birth name is Neeru Bheda, was born on November 25, Rakhi went to Mumbai's famous Mithibai College, though she didn't complete her studies. At a very early age, Rakhi Sawant started working to support her family. In picture: This is how Rakhi Sawant wished her fans good night in one of her Instagram posts. Talk about giving nightmares!
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