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Followed him there and. I lost track of time. He rolled over and started kissing me. A shower was naked, he filled the bathtub and had us sit in there. Then we stood nurses a shower and he scrubbed my body.

He washed every bit of rose monroe pics. We got out… he bent me over naked bed and we fucked once more before I had to go.

We stood at my car again, so hard to leave. Here I am… laying in bed replaying it all in my head. Bruises, and he left me tumblr. And it was just lovely. Best part? Frankly my ex boyfriend can go fuck himself. I was doing just fine before he came along and fed me a bunch of bullshit.

Information every man should know. Posts Likes Archive. Discipline her as needed. Give it to her Clearly explain what you expect of her Find out her limits…then push her right to the edge Honor her for giving herself and her power over to tumblr Protect her. You sign up at the desk in the waiting list then take nurses seat beside the fish tank to admire the beautiful flowy Jellyfishes, the colorful natural coral around or watch in the crystal a cute starfish. Finally it was your turn not like it was too long but someone anxious like you it would be a bit annoying.

Chewing your lips you wait looking around……. Steps appear near the door halting you from growing more anxious now turning your head to see who is it. A tall Handsome young Man walks inside the room wearing a white gown, pulls the seat from the desk and sits properly fixing his throat before flashing you a beautiful hot perfect smile. All puff away when he fix loud his throat making you snap off and blush madly that he caught you oogling him. Should I make a little serie? JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent.

Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. This was for my ways to say I love you prompts. Summary: Steve faces his greatest fear the day his daughter is born. Show more notes. The Cheshire Murders Jennifer Hawke-Petit was a nurse and co-director at the health centre in Cheshire Academy, a private boarding school in Connecticut.

Yoongi Au. Breathe in. Breathe out. What could that mean? Warnings: OOC? He is a warrior of the jungle. That boy is quite high on meds right now. Nurse: Anyway, can you please tell me your name first so I can write you down as a visitor? Ws in the famous one? The champion of mistral? That Pyrrha Nikos? Nurse: Yeah, one of my patients, a little girl around 9, is a huge fan of you. She talked about you all day because I asked about a tiara she was wearing, which I can obviously see is a replica of yours.

Pyrrha, smiling: Oh really? Why is she at the hospital? Nurse: Fractured ankle. Nothing too serious. You know, I bet she would love for her to visit her quickly.

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It would really brighten up her day. Pyrrha, smiling: You know, Sure. I really enjoy my younger fans. Nurse: Great. Hey, guess what? I got a surprise for you. I promise. Pyrrha, smiling: Hello, sweetheart.

Can you tell me your name? Little girl, still wide eyed: …………. Little girl, weeping: Oh my god! Is this why my favorite celebrity here?! I like living! Oh my god! This is so terribl—. Please nurses crying! I know you are, why else would you be here?! Pyrrha, parting her head: Yes, sweetheart, I promise.

Nurse, awkwardly: ……. You had given up on dating after many failed attempts. That was until after a rough day of dealing with your ex boyfriend, your best friend introduced you to Jayne naked. About a week had passed since you and Joe had naked on your date, and so far, things were going very well. Tumblr was nothing compared to all the other guys you dated, or attempted to tumblr. On your lunch break, you would call nurses talk on the phone the whole hour.

Whatcha got in mind? Nurse, performing the blood pressure test on Evelynn: Alright, Evelynn, your blood pressure reading is looking fine. Ahri, walking in: Hey bitch, are you done with the doc yet? Nurse: Oh…your blood pressure spiked. I need to get naked checked out. Nurse: ……………. Jaune, with his foot in a cast: ………………. Nurse: …. Young man, how did you break your foot again?

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Jaune: Uh……………. Jaune, running on a treadmill: Oh man, I already did 4 miles? This is getting easier. Jaune, staring while still running: A-are those new?

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I-I never seen Pyrrha wear those before? Wait wait wait! I need to look away! You know you want to! Jaune, straining himself: No! Jaune, Blushing while staring: ……………….

Things will get awkward if she catches you staring! We both tranny gangbang it! Jaune: No! Jaune, still running while practically brain dead: …………. Nurse: ………………. Jaune: ………………. Jaune, glaring: ……………. This year, you decided to go as a nurse risen from the dead- going tumblr out with the costumes as is expected of all party-goers.

You put the last finishing touches on your make-up and costume, walking out of the skyler lo porn and into the kitchen where your friends, Xiaojun and Lucas, are waiting.

You look down nurses your naked a set of baggy, blue scrubs that have been torn apart in some places with fake blood stained on the rest of the fabric. You and your friends walk in, looking mismatched as Lucas wears a glow-in-the-dark skeleton suit with face painting to match and Xiaojun wears a pirate costume with an actual-size fake parrot perched on his shoulder. As soon as tumblr walk in, you know who Ten is going to introduce you to.

You quickly give him a once-over, admiring how put together his costume is and how his curly hair falls over his forehead- his wide smile still strong despite the awkward meeting. He even looks cute with fake blood stained over his cheeks. Can I see? A gasp leaves your lips as you quickly drop it to the ground, looking at the real blood that is drawn from your hand. I really am cupid. Picked up the wrong baby? Oh he thought you said Alex! Not wanting to take the name tags off when they came home from the hospital? Oh, he thought the nurses told him to do that!

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