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Depends on request, not so? Send me an email to my commission mailbox. Damn this story was really well writtenas good as the real submission agenda.

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Do you know if Pegasus read it? You said he doesn't want to do a comic of it? Thats really really too bad, maybe its a bit long compared to his usual stories and they take a while to draw, but I would love to see a condensed karryna kauffman nude of this appear in the comics.

But damn that scene where they erase her precious memories to replace with what they want was really messed up and hot at the same time Glad you like it.

I sent him the story, but if he read it here or elsewhere, I do not know. Honestly, it might dolly buster nude a case of vision.

He might have an inner sense of how his OC and other characters interact, say things, and behave in certain situations, and having someone else put words in their mouths might be jarring to read for him, if not downright uncomfortable. Or he could have moved on and not have time for such projects now, or have a lack of interest in continuing Submission Agenda. Atkhairy he's just lazy.

I know I am! He read it and likes it, I asked him on Reddit. Hope to see more stuff like this, keep up the good work!

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Can you ask him to send me a line if you talk to him again? My familiarity with Reddit is about nil. Sure sure, I'd love to see more Submission Agenda from you, keep up the good work!

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Send me an email. You deserve a thank-you in return. Just read this and saw the comics hope to see pls. Sorry, I did not understand that. Did you mean you hope to see more? Awesome can't wait.

Submission Agenda 10 - Ms Marvel - part 2 at X Sex Comics

It's pretty back-burner, so if you want to take a look-see at it as-is, send me an email. The sad part is that I really wanted Pegasus to do a pic to go with the Jubilee story, but he lost interest in it.

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Petition to Rename. Show Gallery Stats. Front Page. H entai V erse. Add to Favorites. Score Thank you for posting, Submission am a new member and I try to write comment detail. I like this manga and I marvel if have full color then will be predect. I don't know the whole story about Pegasus but undoubtedly the art in this work will bear a huge resemblance to Izayoi Seishin.

It's so hot, but so cringe, because you know that the male character is just agenda artist stand in. Look at the link exactly one post above yours. The "tall girl" tag is inapplicable.


marvel submission agenda ava addams bangbros Author maskedmarmoset. Comments You are not authorized to comment here. So um can you fix this one as well? Is new chapter coming soon? There is no additional chapter to this specific story; it is a singleton.
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Keep in touch, keep it light and marvel he is luck to all that.