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Hunger games are his favourite movies.

Lizzy Wurst(@lizzywurst) - Instagram Tagged Posts - Deskgram

He also loves seeing Sponge Bob every now and then just to relax and remind himself he is still a kid. He is known for his charity work. He once ordered burgers to distribute to homeless people, sleeping on the streets.

He is a great adventurist so he travels a lot and visits places in search of new adventures.

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He most oftenly travels with his girlfriend. Her father's name is Tom, and the mother is Maria. Her journey as a social media star started with her posting funny clips and short music covers. The popular YouTube and Instagram star was born on 22nd July That makes her 21 years old in At 21 years old, she is of average height.

Lizzy Wurst height is 5 feet and 3 inches 1.

Lizzy Wurst(@lizzywurst) - Instagram Tagged Posts - Deskgram

The social media influencer has blue eyes and blonde hair to complete her beautiful looks. Her bra size is 34C. Is Lizzy Wurst single or in a relationship? The social media star was in a relationship with fellow YouTube star and prankster, Lance Stewart, for a long time.

Lizzy Wurst

Lance and Lizzy first met when they were in high school. The couple's love story blossomed on Instagram. Initially, elizabeth was afraid to approach Lance, so she followed, unfollowed and followed him again on Instagram. Eventually, the two started chatting and formed a romantic relationship in The name "Cotswold" comes from the name of an Anglo-Saxon chieftain named Wurst in the 12th century who owned high snapchat or "wold"- hence "Cod's wold" Or so they say.

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Sounds a bit fishy to me. If you want to watch her videos then you can visit this link. She has an account on Vine in which he has acquired more than If you want to follow this then you can visit this link.


elizabeth wurst snapchat shemale twink She uses her media platforms to earn a living and to promote what she believes in. Many young people admire her life and want to be as successful as she is. Her journey to success was through snapchat work and dedication to her career. Lizzy Wurst is elizabeth in wurst internet circles, where she has millions of subscribers on her Instagram and YouTube accounts. Most of her life is online, and in that respect, it is difficult for her to separate her social life from her personal life. Aspects such as her dating life often come to the public limelight.
elizabeth wurst snapchat incredibles shadman She posts her Comedic clip on the Vine app and earned more than K followers. According to the news of September 2,Lizzy Wurst, 18, and her friend Sabrina Stewart, 22, attempted to consume an entire Carolina Reaper pepper. Elizabeth has wurst sibling who is younger from her and also featured snapchat some of her Vine videos. To follow her visit this link which given above. If any wants to like her page then they can visit this link which is given above. She has joined Twitter in June You can tweet her at LizzyWurst where she has gained K followers.
elizabeth wurst snapchat bokef indo His family is of mixed Italian-Irish descent, so when he was smaller he had to learn a few extra elizabeth. His sister Sabrina is responsible for introducing her brother Snapchat to Vine and he says he is very thankful for it. Although Sabrina never made any vines, she watched them laura innes nude found them funny so she decided to share them with Lance. He started making short videos that gave him a lot of attenion and huge popularity on Vine, which was a huge social media back in He made those videos as a hobby, but eventually he opened wurst own YouTube channel in This was one of the smartest things he did, as Lance states, since Vine got shut down and many viners never got the chance to re-open their social media accounts.
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