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A city that so many of us are taught to fear, but that is actually glowing from the light of thousands of little acts of kindness every day that and the dangerously high pollution levels, of course.

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That a compliment about our outfit gives us a boost big enough to carry us all the way home. The builders I spend my life ignoring in case they cat-call me, who arrived in time to practically pick me up off the pavement after I had a breakdown on the opposite outdoor people dating sites of London during my marathon training earlier this year.

It will have been about something stupid.

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The woman with the good hair who was willing to miss the chance to perform a well-rehearsed dance routine with her friends to wipe nude sex site the tears of a stranger on the floor of some grotty bathroom. I adored you for caring about me when I assumed that no one else did why else was I alone and crying in a club bathroom?

And lots of other weeks after that, too.

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The confused tourists picked up and put on the right tracks often literally by patient commuters. But you stopped when you saw me.

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That when a strange dating sites for women looking for military men grabs us by the arms in a club bathroom and tells us in no uncertain terms that we are way too good for any person that makes us feel like crap, we just want to cry with gratitude.

I adored you for the pep talk, the intense and controlled way you spoke to me, as if I was the only person in the world.

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Which I did, and we did. You may also like. Why are you crying?

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Every week until I moved home again. That a crack in a resting-bitch-face will make our tummies flip.

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Images: Getty, Unsplash. I adored you for that.