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Bustos & Associates, P.C., New York - 10007, New York, USAI have just recently gone through a divorce and I lost nearly everything. except for the massive debt she helped me rack up. I am not sure of what to do with all of it, so i am thinking about finding a manhattan bankruptcy lawyer. When I first married my ex-wife everything was great. I had a great job and she stayed home and took care of out three beautiful children. I ended up losing my job a couple of years ago, yet she felt like she could continue to spend all of the money. She still went on these crazy shopping sprees and went out treating her friends to lunch and movies all of the time. I allowed this to go on for a while before I put my foot down and told her that I needed her to stop spending like that. The minute I said that, I knew that it would be the end. Read more →

Hiring a Lawyer when You Need Help

Robert J. Penegor, AttorneyLife has a way of happening in unexpected ways. Perhaps ‘has a way’ is the wrong choice of words. Life happens and it is as simple as that. Rarely can we ever predict what is going to happen in our lives. We might be able to make plans to help safeguard ourselves from happenstances that may have a negative impact on us but there is very little in way of control that we possess. Finding yourself in legal trouble might be the worst of these unexpected moments but with the help of lawyers in brisbane you just might be able to escape any serious legal issues with minimal struggle against the system.